About Us

KITAAS College History

Khaldunia Institute of Technology and Applied Sciences (KITAAS) is established under the privileged banner of “The Nizam Trust”. KITAAS College is a non for profit educational institute in Lahore that aspires to become the one of the leading colleges of Lahore. College provides an encouraging and comfortable learning environment, enabling the students to seek benefit from the College’s unique educational resources, its purpose-built building with well-rounded education and air-conditioned labs, and library facilities with a strong emphasis on balanced progress and focus on skilled human capital development. The college aims to create a transformative educational experience for students, focusing on creativity, problem-solving, entrepreneurship, collaboration, professionalism, and personal growth.

We look forward to providing accessible and affordable education to produce an empowered and skilled student body. KITAAS College creates an enabling environment for motivated and entrepreneurial graduates who will contribute effectively to the job market and to the economy of the Pakistan. We take pride in being provider and supporter of our students without compromising the quality of education.

KITAAS is just 3KM away from Thokar Niaz Baig and Orange Line Terminal on Main Boulevard of Multan Road with easy access towards DHA-EME Society linked with Canal Bank Road.

Core Values


Students are indeed the main reason for an educational institution to exist. The most dedicated educators invest their utmost in every individual and every day. As an academic institute, we believe that students can establish themselves more firmly when granted a skill set that can be utilized in the professional field. We at KITAAS will be inculcating these skills in our students.


The KITAAS welcomes youth from all social classes to enhance their future prospects without discrimination. We believe in embracing diversity and inclusion, which only helps us flourish more as an institution. The KITAAS believes in shaping the students in a way that allows them to stand more potent in the community and fulfill their  commitment towards their future.


KITAAS pursues such teaching policies and techniques, which gives an individual a push towards critical thinking for every situation. KITAAS aims to have such a PRACTICAL approach where students can solve problems with a modern and innovative solutions. The KITAAS wants to harvest such minds that compete with the fast-moving professional life in new ways.


Entrepreneurship and innovation are the fuel for economic growth. The KITAAS believes in adding practical know how to practical knowledge to build a community of highly skilled, committed, and qualified graduates with entrepreneurial spirit. We will support our students in linking them with relevant industry of their choice of industries and businesses. We help them with initial resources to start their small-scale businesses, giving them the experience and exposure they need to take a more assertive stance in the market.


Studying with KITAAS will help the students to have access to education without any interruption. Our institution wants to provide youth with an education that helps them build better future and bestow upon then in such pathways that ensures their continuous education. KITAAS help students to become Market Ready Graduates by giving them opportunities to work in their field of interest as interns


  • Provide a platform for the youth to improve themselves before stepping into professional life by imparting them with skill-based learning.
  • Facilitate students with an opportunity to learn languages, computer competency, and transitional studies to prepare them for global market.
  • Welcoming all students without any class and creed barriers and; enable them to have national and international educational opportunities while making it accessible and affordable.
  • English & Psychology LABS
  • Computer & Science LABS
  • Spacious Purpose-Based Building
  • World-Class Faculty
  • Affiliated Hospital
  • Sports & Co-curricular Activities
  • Student Club
  • Student Affairs
  • Affiliated Hospital

KITAAS Centers for Applied Research and Human Development

The KITAAS will establish specialized centers namely:

  1. KITAAS Centre for Emerging Technologies
  2. KITAAS Centre for International Languages
  3. KITAAS Centre for Skill Development
  4. KITAAS Centre for Research Policy for Senior Citizens
  5. KITAAS Center for Population, Public Policy and Good Governance