Vission & Mission


The KITAAS College is the first initiative by the Khaldunia Institute of Technology and Applied Sciences to enhance the education sector. KITAAS College is driven to provide exceptional academic opportunities to its students that are responsive to the modern world’s needs and empower them to meet and excel as agile participants in shaping our society’s future.

KITAAS College is a non for profit educational institute in Lahore that aspires to become the one of the leading colleges of Lahore. Its purpose-built building with well-equipped classrooms, KITAAS College provides an encouraging and comfortable learning environment, enabling the students to seek benefit from the College’s unique educational resources, well-equipped and air-conditioned labs, and library facilities.

The college aims to create a transformative educational experience for students, focusing on creativity, problem-solving, entrepreneurship, collaboration, professionalism, and personal growth.

In fall 2021, KITAAS College plans to offer BS four-year programs in selected disciplines such as BS Computer Science, BS English, BS Applied Psychology, Bachelors of Business Administration and two Five Years Bachelors Program, Pharm D and DPT. These BS degree programs will emphasize comprehensive learning and promote a well-rounded curriculum.

We look forward to providing accessible and affordable education to produce an empowered and skilled student body. KITAAS College creates an enabling environment for motivated and entrepreneurial graduates who will contribute effectively to the job market and to the economy of the Pakistan.

The faculty members at KITAAS College have received training from some of the best academic institutions. They are highly skilled, qualified, and accomplished professionals. Being experienced professionals, our faculty looks forward to provide experiential learning methods, resulting in a rewarding experience for the students.

KITAAS College aims to ensure that Pakistan has a well-educated and socially conscious graduate. We are dedicated to constantly striving and nurturing exceptional and talented students.

We take pride in being provider and supporter of our students without compromising the quality of education.


The (KITAAS) College will facilitate students by offering access to affordable and quality higher education leading to entrepreneurial, competent and creative human resources. The College aims to provide stimulating and conducive learning environment for our youth to equip them with the academic and technical skills towards producing market ready and employable graduates.

In pursuing individual educational goals, students will improve their critical thinking; competency; communication skills; ethical; cultural; social; environmental; and personal awareness and responsibility.

The Institute is committed to providing an array of academic and student development services that support students’ success in attaining their academic, cultural, and civic achievements. The Institute will identify and regularly assess student-learning outcomes to improve institutional effectiveness to enhance student success. Also, the Institute may offer other programs and services consistent with our primary mission as resources allow and whenever possible in collaboration with partnering institutes

KITAAS will pursue curricular and co-curricular activities to allow our graduates to continue education in higher learning institutions or be acceptable to employers. Our College seal will be recognized for the quality of education maintaining high standards and scholarship. Through practical training and internships, graduates of KITAAS will join the workforce with confidence and assume leadership positions.